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AOM Plagiarism Policies and Ethical Guidelines


 Crosscheck logoNOTE: The Academy of Management uses the iThenticate software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts. You can be reassured that AOM is committed to actively combating plagiarism and publishing original research. To find out more about CrossCheck visit

iThenticate is also available to authors and researchers who wish to check their papers before submission. iThenticate compares submitted documents to extensive data repositories to create a comprehensive Similarity Report, which highlights and provides links to any significant text matches, helping to ensure that you are submitting an original and well-attributed document. iThenticate for Researchers is a separate service to CrossCheck.

Per AOM's "Code of Ethics" authors are expected to adhere to the guidelines outlined below:

4. Research and Publication

4.1. Reporting on Research: AOM members adhere to the highest ethical standards when disseminating their
research findings, such as at the annual meeting or in AOM publications.
4.1.1. AOM members do not fabricate data or falsify results in their publications or presentations.
4.1.2. In presenting their work, AOM members report their findings fully and do not omit data that are
relevant within the context of the research question(s). They report results whether they support or
contradict expected outcomes.
4.1.3. AOM members take particular care to present relevant qualifications to their research or to the
findings and interpretations of their research. AOM members also disclose underlying assumptions,
theories, methods, measures, and research designs that are relevant to the findings and
interpretations of their work.
4.1.4. In keeping with the spirit of full disclosure of methods and analyses, once findings are publicly
disseminated, AOM members permit their open assessment and verification by other responsible
researchers, with appropriate safeguards, where applicable, to protect the anonymity of research
4.1.5. If AOM members discover significant errors in the publication or presentation of data, they take
appropriate steps to correct such errors in the form of a correction, retraction, published erratum, or
other public statement.  AOM follows the retraction guidelines set forth by the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE) which may be found here.
4.1.6. AOM members report sources of financial support in their papers and note any special relations to any
sponsor. AOM members may withhold the names of specific sponsors if they provide an adequate
and full description of the sponsors’ nature and interest.
4.1.7. AOM members report accurately the results of others’ scholarship by using complete and correct
information and citations when presenting the work of others.
4.1.8. AOM members who analyze data from others explicitly acknowledge the contribution of the initial
4.2. Publication Process: AOM members adhere to the highest ethical standards when participating in
publication and review processes.
4.2.1. Plagiarism AOM members explicitly identify, credit, and reference the author of any data or material taken
verbatim from written work, whether that work is published, unpublished, or electronically
available. AOM members explicitly cite others’ work and ideas, including their own, even if the work or
ideas are not quoted verbatim or paraphrased. This standard applies whether the previous
work is published, unpublished, or electronically available.

We also encourage authors to view AOM's "The Ethics of Research and Publishing Video Series" video series, which includes a presentation regarding the subject of plagiarism.


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