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AMLE Editorial Board Membership

Each year the Editor reviews the composition of the Editorial Board (EB) and may invite new members to join. Those EB members then serve for the duration of the current editor's term, which is three years if you are selected during an editorial leadership team transition or less if you are selected in a subsequent year.

The current term began July 1, 2017, with just over 110 members. Ad hoc reviewers who aspire to board membership, or current EB members who would like to be on subsequent boards, are encouraged to consider the criteria used to make decisions about who to invite to full board membership:

  • Scholarly Productivity: EB members have demonstrated an ability to publish in top American and international journals, including AMLE and related management education journals (e.g., Journal of Management Education).
  • Reviewing Quality: EB members have demonstrated the ability to write good reviews. Action editors grade the quality of each review on three dimensions using a five-point scale. Editors rate the degree to which a review is fair, informative, and constructive.
  • Reviewing Conscientiousness: EB members have performed their reviewing duties conscientiously. In practice, this is assessed in two ways: average time taken to return reviews and the percentage of review requests that are accepted rather than declined. Conscientious reviewers accept nearly all manuscripts sent to them and take less than 30 days to complete the review.


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